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Our Short Story

The zeppelin, an idea that started in February 2019 and is a tool that will first extend to tourism, then logistics and defense, is the report of the airship in other words.
Tourism, which is one of the largest sectors in the world, is also one of the most important and critical foreign exchange earning tools in Turkey.
AERE, a sustainable and innovative project with developing new technologies, is presented as an innovative and creative business model in the field of tourism and advertising.

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Our Mission

Accelerating the world's transition to sustainable tourism and electric aviation. Leading the most interesting aircraft company of the 21st century with electric aviation, zeppelins and tourism worldwide.

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Pamukkale Travertines


The Airship: A new perspective on tourism, aviation and entertainment

The Newest Trend

The zeppelin, which will be used not only in touristic areas but also in many different areas, is not only a new ornament in the sky, but also superior to its closest counterpart, hot air balloons, with its low cost and low fuel consumption.

All around the world; Advertising without traffic

The greenest and most environmentally friendly way to advertise on a massive scale, attracting everyone's attention during peak hours.

Open to Different Applications

Easy to differentiate with easy modification and low certification requirements.

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