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Wanderer is not just a recreational vehicle. With its modular design, it is suitable for special production for different purposes and services. It was designed with this logic from the very beginning. From the cockpit to every seat detail, every area and point is the most efficient, the most relaxing, the most profitable, the widest perspective:

  • Modular vehicle suitable for special design,

  • Production capability on special order, not just as a tourism tool,

  • Fully electric, silent, very low operating cost.

It will be produced primarily for our own operations. Experience Apart from selling aircraft and making special modifications, we plan to fly with our own vehicles. These flights will be for:

  • Tourism

  • Special events

  • Advertisement

  • Discovery

  • Meteorology

  • Dining And many more.

We will be able to fly in areas where normal hot air balloons cannot fly. We will give the treats and services that hot air balloons give on the ground in the sky. Not only in the Cappadocia region, but also in Turkey and internationally. 

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Why not just using hot air balloons?

Hot air balloons are the at the mercy of the wind. They cannot turn in midair or choose where to land. They should always be followed by vehicle from below. Hot air balloons burn gas constantly to stay in the air and have high maintenance costs and pollution rates. For the above reasons, they cannot fly over most of the world's most visited regions.

Is it petrol or electric?

The Wanderer is powered by electricity, its design blends with the landscape and creates a magnificent view. Airship technology is emission-free and original.

Planes and Helicopters?

Apart from high maintenance costs, noise and air pollution, airplanes cannot stand still and hover in the air. Both helicopters and aircrafts are very expensive to use, maintain and acquire. They do not blend their flying experience with nature.

Where will it fly?

From the great lakes of Canada to the desert of Sahara, Wanderer can fly anywhere there is air and permission to fly.

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Sunset on Mount Nemrut


A Visual Storyteller

Apart from advertising and tourism, we are confident that we will attract the attention of our investors and target audience in a positive way with innovative activities. We believe that we will start a new trend in terms of advertising, especially in Turkey and in the world. We anticipate that it will gain rapid acceptance as it will also be electric and quiet. Because the Wanderer uses helium, it is not flammable. Airships using helium are among the safest means of transport in the world. Being able to stay in the air for weeks without wasting energy and a modular design suitable for use in emergencies or scientific research will allow us to serve for both.

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